Accurate & Affordable
Background Checks for
Volunteer Organizations

Packages specifically designed for volunteer organizations

Background Checks for Volunteers by True Hire sets the standard for providing high-quality background checks to charities and nonprofits, empowering them with the answers and tools needed for a safer volunteer organization. Background Checks for Volunteers is committed to helping volunteer, charity and nonprofit organizations screen volunteers and employees with accurate, up-to-date services with an emphasis on customer service and cost-effectiveness.​


Make sure your students are safe by screening adult volunteers at your elementary, middle or high school. We also do background checks for colleges, libraries and private schools.


Screen your school, youth or collegiate coaches and others who volunteer with your sports teams before they start working with the athletes.

Public Service

Screen volunteers who will be working with vulnerable populations, like children, elderly or homeless, to make sure that your clients aren’t being taken advantage of.

Religious Organizations

Volunteers frequently have a highly public role on behalf of a nonprofit corporation. You can manage several risks by effectively screening, evaluating and placing volunteers.

Youth Development

Keep the children your organization serves safe by screening mentors, coaches, troop leaders and other adults they may come in contact with.


We serve a diverse array of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and pregnancy support centers to ensure the safety of their patients.