Social Security Number Trace

This report is critical to establish positive identification of an applicant and can uncover hidden or undisclosed information. A Social Security Trace verifies the applicant’s name, current address, previous addresses and aliases used.


This database of more than 600 million criminal records is an exclusive product that instantly searches the largest repositories of criminal records for the entire country. It includes the OFAC Global Terrorist Search, homeland security databases and more than 130 million individual county, state and national criminal records! True Hire recommends this as an add-on product to supplement the more detailed county-level searches.

County Criminal Search

This search for reportable felony and misdemeanor records within the applicant’s current or previous counties of residence is vital to the safety of your organization. A county criminal search can help you avert violence issues and reduce your liability with hiring and volunteer problems. (Subject to state regulations.)

Sex Offender Registry Search

This search will check the National Sex Offender Registry database and records in all 50 states.

Education Verification

An Education Verification confirms educational background information including dates of attendance and the highest degree received.

Employment Verification

Verifying an applicant’s previous employment assures the accuracy of the application and uncovers lies, omissions and exaggerations. Prior job performance information is provided. (Subject to state regulations.)

Drug Testing

True Hire makes it easy for you to incorporate a drug screening policy. Our partners have testing centers located throughout the country to accommodate your needs.