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We’ll contact you should we have any additional questions regarding your requests. You will receive your Username and Password for system access. Turnaround time will vary, but many results are available in minutes. Background Checks for Volunteers guarantees 97% of your background checks will be completed within hours.

Why You Should Screen Your Volunteers

Volunteers are often the “face” of an organization. Without volunteers nonprofits couldn’t function in the same capacity. A huge liability exists, however, for nonprofits that send volunteers out into the community without performing proper background checks.

Tips for a Safer Organization

Practice ongoing background screening. No matter how good your policies and procedures are, a sex offender or someone with a criminal record can slip by. It is not enough for your organization to be vigilant with screening your volunteers before they come on board. Doing regular background history reports on your current volunteers every year will better protect your nonprofit or charity organization.