Improve effective protocols for acknowledging donor appreciation

When donors feel positive about the gift they made, more often than not they’re receptive to give again moving forward. Regrettably, organizations that are strapped for time, resources, and staff miss out on connecting with these established benefactors. If your association has trouble recognizing your donor base, the good news is that there are lots of process tweaks, apps, and services to help.

Effective gift procedures

Recognize where, or what bottlenecks your procedures. Does your group send out thank you cards after a donation? How long does that take? Not every donor needs a hand-signed letter or a personal note. At a minimum though, acknowledging the contribution through an email response should not put a burden on your team and quickly shows appreciation.

You’ll also want to consider special programs for first-time donors and recurring donors. First-time patrons will feel good about their decision to support your cause, while a personal approach once or twice a year for cyclical backers helps fasten the initial bond. Most likely, you have a preferred method of communication – use it to your advantage.

Take advantage of technology to streamline your technique. There are countless services on the market. Rather than an email, or letter, consider text or video messages. Both allow you to send highly personalized messages that could set you apart from other parties. Volunteers are 66% more likely to donate financially to the organization they support than those who do not volunteer their time. Additionally, over 71% of volunteers work with only one organization each year. Implying you are not only vying for donations but members too.

Create a culture of gratitude for your donors. They are key partners in your work, and you want to make sure you catch their eye in a crowd of admirable charities.

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