The Extra Mile in Background Checks: How We Can Save You Time & Money

December 14, 2020 Dennis Galbreath Uncategorized

Our Goal is to Save You Time and Provide Accuracy on Pre-Hire Procedures.

  • If there is any missing or incorrect information provided, we ensure the correct information is located to complete the background check.
  • We take it to the next step by not only calling the applicants, but we will call, text, and email each applicant with missing information daily to ensure they have all possible ways to get a hold of us.
    • This also gives them the ability to provide us with information in the most convenient way for them.
  • The applicant reach department saves our clients time because we take the stress and worry of having to reach out to their future employees for more information.
  • Our clients will never receive a background check with missing or incorrect information.

How our Team Saves you Time on Background Checks

  • Continually following up with courts to provide ETA’s rather than waiting around on the background check.
  • True Hire has several workarounds for counties that are closed/delayed due to COVID, such as running a statewide search.
  • Completing all backgrounds oldest to newest to ensure nothing is being left behind that day.
  • Communicating with courts daily to gather additional identifiers for criminal records.
  • Running the criminal portion of the background check in the most cost-effective and accurate manner with our expertise.

Our Personalized Customer Service

  • Your support representative will reach out to you if any court delays impact your background checks.
  • Troubleshoots any background check issues so you do not have to.
  • Always someone to help you when you call.
  • Several outlets of communication; call, chat, email, support hub.
  • Provides necessary data and reports so you can understand the entire background check process.


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